Big Island Party Sounds


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released June 21, 2016

Tracks 3-6 written by Henrietta Billings and FP Woods.
Tracks 1, 2, and 7 written by Henrietta Billings, FP Woods, & MC Little Harmony

Recorded and produced by Bruce Hettinga

Album artwork by Seneca Fox




BIPS Saint Paul, Minnesota


Henrietta Billings
F.P. Woods
Kip Freeman
MC Little Harmony
Mable P. Shakes

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Track Name: Cold Future
I was waiting on that morning light
Pick me up and make me feel alright
And sometimes I know
And sometimes I don't
Cold future
Cold future

You know there's something that you can't deny
It's been hiding there in plain sight
So pick up the phone
Pick up the phone
Cold future
Cold future

Tomorrow we can talk
I got a lots to say
But for now
Can wait
Can't stopwatch
For what I know must come
But everything present
Sort of still feels fun
Got spun up in the minute
Now I'm in the Senate
Getting grilled about something
Sentimental feelings
Made a villain of myself
A feeling that I hate
So tomorrow
may I be a better bae

Cold future
Such a cold future

Is so long (life's so long)
Just drags on

It's gonna happen but I don't know when
You know it's gonna come around again
Cold future
Track Name: Hero
Everybody thinks themselves
One step from a hero
Everybody just wants to find
Escape from all their fears, oh
Me I'm just another one
Of the many weary souls
I've been tryin' to burrow down
You keep filling up the holes

Now and then I find myself
Chasing after someone else's dreams
(It seems I've lost track of my own)
Digging up the remnants
Of treasures not meant for me
(Am I just sinking like a stone?)
Home is always far away once you're grown

Super manic
Indiana Jonesing
Want to be hero
But I'm stuck
In reality
In a panic
All the wall are closing
Beam me up, Scottie
Or am I a fatality?
The finality of comic book life
Means I might live forever
But I'm stuck in reality
I never meant to stray
But a sheep I once was
Lost the good fight
Not a hero just a malady

Come over with the morning sun
Leave like a thunderstorm
Held high by human minds
But they've been misinformed
Everything's replaceable
A bunch of tired themes
I don't require anything
Except a good night's sleep

Buy your money with precious time
It's all you really need
Locked up in your success
You got no time to breathe
Dwelling on the meaningless
Never letting it escape
One year or three or five
Feeding the world you hate
Track Name: Release You
If the love I have to give
Is not as much as you require
If everything I am is less
Than you desire
Oh, I shall release you

If I just add to your worries
And I cannot do you right
If I keep causing all these
Stupid fights
Oh, I shall release you

I shall release you
I shall release you
Ever reluctantly I shall release you

If I'm stealing all your youth
And we start to grow apart
If my shortfalls are too much
For your troubled heart
Oh, I shall release you

If another's arms can bring
Greater joy than e'er could mine
If after all I'm not what you
Hoped to find
Oh, I shall release you
Track Name: Cricket Hymn, Pt. III
I will never be
What you want from me
So I guess I'll just get gone
There's a place I know
Where the tall pines grow
And the rivers sing sweet songs

If I close my eyes
Wish with all my might
Could I somehow travel back
To seven years ago
Before I came to know
All the pleasures I now lack

I will stand atop the highest building
I will shout it for the whole world to hear
My mind is ready and my spirit's willing
Only thing I've left to lose is fear

This will never be
A fitting home for me
So i guess I'll just get gone
There's a way I know
At least they told me so
And I know I don't belong

We can't build around
This here crumbling ground
Cause we'll fall into the sea
But that far off land
Does it match your plans?
Maybe it is just a dream

It's not that I don't love you 'cause I do
But every sixty seconds that I hang around this city
Is another minute I'll be missing you
Track Name: Still Reaching Out
When you're unhappy
You get quiet
Like I'm supposed to
Read your mind
Until your anger
Breaks its silence
Until you're too far gone
To recognize

Once you get talking
You say things you
Might not otherwise
Have said
Until your bridge goes
Up in flames
Until the faultline
Fractures the earth

I was standing there stunned
I was standing there stunned
Still reaching out

I see it so clearly
In my memory
How the neon
Lit your face
Outside that almost
All-night diner
Serving up 22 hours
Of mistakes, and

Something so suddenly
Switched over
Like the "Yes, we're
open" card
Flipped with a flourish
Only this time
It was the closing down of your heart

I was standing there stunned
I was standing there stunned
Still reaching out
Track Name: Howlin' Wolves
I know how them howlin' wolves must feel
'Cause I got the urge to scream my lungs out in this moonlit field
Got a jug of wine and a troubled mind, this night is mine to steal

Some bust out while others, they get stuck
And those that stay try to pretend that they don't give a ----
Everyday try to wish away their ---damn awful luck

And you'll no longer see the person you expect
'Cause I refuse to live each day just like the next
Oh, it's breaking down
And I'm gonna break out

Got a pile of blues about a mile high
Don't you ask me to explain, I'm fresh out of reasons why
Since I lost my youth, I've abandoned truth, so I'll feed you full of lies

Goin' where them chilly winds don't blow
Where the rivers run with apple wine and the climate suits my clothes
Heart so weathered, how it held together ain't nobody knows
Track Name: Forgiveness
Got a lot of love, I got a lot of love to live
Got a lot of life, I got a lot of life to live
Everybody told me since I was a little kid
Got a lot of love, I got a lot of love to live
Can I get a witness to all this sorrow that I saved?
I won't grant you forgiveness 'cause you don't think you need it, babe

Take a little time, I'll take a little time I guess
Put this all behind me, put this whole thing to rest
Everybody tells me someday I'll get over this
Take a little time, I'll take a little time I guess
Can I get a witness to all the efforts that I made?
I can't grant you forgiveness if you don't think you need it, babe

The instruments
Play the minutes to my funeral
My grave sees the faces
It's as if it were a miracle
And the mural that they make
By appearing at my wake
Is so great
And all that's great is
I've been chosen
To be graced with their presence
And their states
And prayers appreciated
They're great
But let me be frank
Instead of fake
I ain't
Been sayin' prayers
Since 2008
I was traced by my fate
And the galaxy was great
I spanned the universe
With the stars in outer space
It was lonely out there
I missed forgiveness everyday
But now I finally got a witness
To the efforts that I made

Better call for backup, better call for backup now
Tell 'em they should hurry, tell 'em what a fight you found
It's gonna take five or six of you to bring me down
Better call for backup, better call for backup now
I don't need your forgiveness if you're just gonna hold a grudge
Go and call your witness and he can tell it to the judge