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released January 27, 2014



all rights reserved


BIPS Saint Paul, Minnesota


Henrietta Billings
F.P. Woods
Kip Freeman
MC Little Harmony
Mable P. Shakes

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Track Name: Kansas City & 7th Street (feat. Justin Grahn)
So everything begins and ends
And then it begins and ends again
Black hole minds, memory minefields
And nobody's even listening
Dear city, I gave you a year
But home ain't supposed to feel so weird
Dinosaur hill, dead presidents
Two out of fifteen's pretty clear

All these roads I used to know
Now I'm lost wherever I go
But every Thursday the locals meet
At the corner of Kansas City and 7th Street

Looking forward and hesitating
Hoping falling wishing waiting
Oasis Lounge, garden of reptiles
The world just goes on rotating
Wilson Park lost all its luster
Faults and failures of General Custer
New central square, Mountain Meadow Road
All the strength that I can muster


It's old folks and young parents
It's a good place to be born or die
But I never knew its true merits
I'll never go back
I promise you that
So take back your damn string
And your carrot


I used to know this place over
Like my hand turned over
It overturned my world
I met my girl and left sober
The nights left
Where liquor dreamt for me
The symphony
Of nights left at the bar
And my hands full enough with
Having fun
No time for school left
I was a fool on the run
Hemorrhaging the money
Please somebody call the nun
Before I dip anymore into
Receding state funds
And all the fun that I had
Was a blast while it lasted
But now when I go back
I can't get plastered
Something so lost about this town I left
I cannot even speak on it
Because my palate left cleft

Track Name: Ribs of Tin
Oh I ain't the violent type
But the next time I see that man
Gonna hit him square between the eyes
Hope he never sees again

Oh I ain't the jealous type
But help me to ease my mind
Where she goes I do not know
That low-down gal of mine

Let the cold winds chill my skin
If she calls on me don't let her in
This town has grown as dark as sin
Heart kept safe by ribs of tin

Oh I ain't the hopeless type
But I don't smile much anymore
Worries and doubts and fears rule my mind
Until I don't know what I'm doing this for


You know I always spoke the truth
But that don't seem to matter much to you
You were never in love as far as I could tell
So darlin', darlin' fare the well

Track Name: Mountain Angel
If it's right then it's right
If it's wrong then it's wrong
And the only thing that I can hear inside my head is that old mountain song
She will not meet me here
I'll see her before long
Though my time is short I'll take it in without considering I'll soon be gone

Mountain angel, she's a
Real rare find
In a world of
Mixed-up time
Oh, and if I have to I will surely add my name to the list
Of all those that fell for her and then were quickly dismissed
Cause at least that'll mean that I tried

Thirty-first of July
Double R's in my eyes
As we sat right at the middle of the city and we looked up towards the skies
Positivity be
Be not my enemy please
There's no need to fear come join me here I promise you great things we can achieve

Mountain angel, she's a real rare find
All we have is borrowed time
And If I have to.. etc.

Here in Colorado
Set free what shall never grow
Such a wonder such a wonder overshadows everything I'll ever know
Breathe in the cold mountain air
Fill up my chest with dispair
All the words I put together they will never really ever make you care

Mountain angel, she's a
Real rare find
Douse my heart with
Oh and if I have to.. etc.
Track Name: Cricket Hymn, Part II
I'll tell you I'm okay
But the circles 'round my eyes might give me away
I've been awake for days
I just wish that I could dream
I'm too angry now to think but I'm too tired to scream
Oh, the things that I've seen

If I should lose my voice, my friends will sing for me
The one you get your orders from don't seem like a king to me
So many things I used to love no longer mean a thing to me
I'm ready for whatever life brings to me

I say I'll never leave
But my ever-restless legs, well they disagree
'Cause they're longing to flee
Every door is locked
And no one comes to answer whenever I knock
It's the same every block


I didn't ask for pity but I'll take any words of comfort that you can give me
I didn't ask for freedom but all those rules I was following I don't need 'em
I never even took the time to read 'em

I'll listen, or I'll try
But if I should get a faraway look in my eye
I've got a lot on my mind