Cold Future

from by BIPS



I was waiting on that morning light
Pick me up and make me feel alright
And sometimes I know
And sometimes I don't
Cold future
Cold future

You know there's something that you can't deny
It's been hiding there in plain sight
So pick up the phone
Pick up the phone
Cold future
Cold future

Tomorrow we can talk
I got a lots to say
But for now
Can wait
Can't stopwatch
For what I know must come
But everything present
Sort of still feels fun
Got spun up in the minute
Now I'm in the Senate
Getting grilled about something
Sentimental feelings
Made a villain of myself
A feeling that I hate
So tomorrow
may I be a better bae

Cold future
Such a cold future

Is so long (life's so long)
Just drags on

It's gonna happen but I don't know when
You know it's gonna come around again
Cold future


from Big Island Party Sounds, track released June 15, 2016




BIPS Saint Paul, Minnesota


Henrietta Billings
F.P. Woods
Kip Freeman
MC Little Harmony
Mable P. Shakes

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