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Everybody thinks themselves
One step from a hero
Everybody just wants to find
Escape from all their fears, oh
Me I'm just another one
Of the many weary souls
I've been tryin' to burrow down
You keep filling up the holes

Now and then I find myself
Chasing after someone else's dreams
(It seems I've lost track of my own)
Digging up the remnants
Of treasures not meant for me
(Am I just sinking like a stone?)
Home is always far away once you're grown

Super manic
Indiana Jonesing
Want to be hero
But I'm stuck
In reality
In a panic
All the wall are closing
Beam me up, Scottie
Or am I a fatality?
The finality of comic book life
Means I might live forever
But I'm stuck in reality
I never meant to stray
But a sheep I once was
Lost the good fight
Not a hero just a malady

Come over with the morning sun
Leave like a thunderstorm
Held high by human minds
But they've been misinformed
Everything's replaceable
A bunch of tired themes
I don't require anything
Except a good night's sleep

Buy your money with precious time
It's all you really need
Locked up in your success
You got no time to breathe
Dwelling on the meaningless
Never letting it escape
One year or three or five
Feeding the world you hate


from Big Island Party Sounds, released June 21, 2016




BIPS Saint Paul, Minnesota


Henrietta Billings
F.P. Woods
Kip Freeman
MC Little Harmony
Mable P. Shakes

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